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How do I get referred?

NHS Referrals:

If you have symptoms that could be associated with endometriosis you could ask you General Practitioner (GP) to refer you to the NHS Endometriosis Service at the John Radcliffe Hospital. If your GP surgery is located in Oxfordshire you can be referred via the Choose & Book system. Otherwise, your GP, Consultant or other referrer can send/fax us a referral letter addressed to:
Prof Christian Becker
John Radcliffe Hospital
Women’s Centre
Oxford OX3 9DU
Fax: 01865 222070

Private Referrals:

For private referrals please contact:

For Prof Becker:

Annie Lower
Oxford Fertility Unit
Institute of Reproductive Science
Oxford Business Park North
Oxford OX4 2HW
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1865 782874

For Ms Natalia Price:

Tracey Shepherd
Manor Hospital
Beech Road
Oxford OX3 7RP
Phone: +44 1865 851105
Fax: +44 1865 221890